Hatred- My Gift To The World

Posted: May 15, 2011 in PILES OF S**T
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Not only do i hate photographers who think they are grand master artists, but recently I’m beginning to hate the persons who let themselves photographed because they subsequently get an ego larger that the photographer himself and develop some out of this world “I’m a model” attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about real professionals or real models, I’m talking about the previously mentioned “teenagers with a Nikon”, 20-some years old faux-bohemian, first year in college entities. I shall name the “photographer”  Wannabe and the “model” S.  Well, Wannabe is a wannabe photographer (hence the name), S. is just a stupid cunt. Not even good looking. Just stupid.

Wannabe started taking artistic (nooooot) photos of S. I mean scheduled lame photo shoots in parks with green grass or deserted, abandoned places (really now, could you be more clicheic?) They even attempted to have a theme costume based photo shoot- major fail obviously.

Later on, Wannabe went home and photoshopped all of her ugly pictures of S. with that allovertheplace hipster’ish vintage effect, airbrushed S.’s ugly face and fake smile ( yet she still looked hideous even after the retouch)  and posted the pictures online. I assume they were a hit among their friends ( blind must they be) because in my opinion S. now presents a “model” non-quality, actually a “humble” model attitude, posing with her ugly grin and fake smile. Chill, honey, you are stupid and ugly. You are not a model, you’ll never be one so if i were you, i’ll be in search of another hobby.

Usurel,mamica, ia cu muie!

PS : I also think I’m in need of a DISLIKE button for this post! *ironical smile*

  1. becky says:

    u have foto/camerara/model/…/fobia. i don’t know wich but u do have a fobia :))admit it!

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