If you submit a question on those sites like answers.com or answers.yahoo.com (i’m not even bothering to put a link ) and no one responds to your question, i think it’s way more frustrating than no one reading your blog. :)) Even more frustrating than no one liking your posts on Facebook. :))

I don’t even understand why to ask something on those sites. Don’t they have Google?  Or if they post personal questions like “My girl/boyfriend left me. I need help to get her/him back. Could someone give me some piece of advice?” Well, don’t you have friends? How could an outsider, someone who doesn’t know you help you in a personal matter?

And oh my god, the stupidity on those sites !!!! How can you be that stupid to ask questions like “Why do so many pigeons have one leg?” or ” Do black women make chocolate milk in their breasts while they are pregnant?” or “Is the wind caused by the movement of tree branches?” or “How can I brand (like with fire) my name onto my girlfriend’s butt cheek?’ or “Are the Saw movies real?” – well, are you for real? The only good thing –and by good i mean funny–  about these sites and the stupid questions people submit on them, is that there is always someone to make an ironic/ sarcastic hilarious comment and the more moronic the question, the funnier the answer/ comment !

  1. jennajadee says:

    LOL love it. and so true!

  2. ivyvandeley says:

    am auzit ca apa minerala face pietre la rinichi…. asa e? ia sa te interesezi …:*

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