I believe there is no way to deal with a woman while she is pre/menstruating. 😀 Even though i am a woman, these mood swings always catch me by surprise to the point of believing i could be crazy for starting crying all of a sudden and having love/hate reactions  towards everything/ everybody around. These hormones are getting craaaazy !!! Sometimes i find it funny, but not everybody does. Saying mean things is my thing but how can it get so out of control? 🙂

PMS is real. So i don’t understand why certain women- in a great state of bitchiness- get offended when men tell them: “oh,it must be that time of the month.” I don’t find it offensive even it is or it isn’t that time of the month. Furthermore, men should be awarded ( well, this word is actually a tad too grand)  for understanding that we aren’t normally that crazy and women should be grateful  for having a way of getting away with the chaos they cause.

While browsing, i found another stupid question on those “answers” sites, which i have previously mentioned here. The question was something like “Does that time of the month excuse give a woman the right to treat her husband bad?” followed by ” and do they fake the time of month thing so they can be bitchy?” Well, since you are an idiot, it kinda does give them that right. Hell, they have the right to be Queen B’s  even when they aren’t menstruating because you are highly stupid. Why the fuck would anyone want to fake having cramps and all sort of aches just to be bitchy with you? Pfff. * rolling my eyes*

In conclusion…well, there is no conclusion for this one.

  1. ivyvanderley says:

    u can be queen b anytime coz u deserve it..:P

  2. i know, right?!? :))

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