This is one of my earliest memories * tru story*: my dad telling me Ferrari is the best/ Schumi is the best. Talkin’ bout indoctrinating little kids. Anyhoo, the thing is he was right.

And this is just one more reason why!

Behold the Formula Rossa roller coaster, the world’s fastest coaster and the centerpiece of the brand-spankin’-new Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. The coaster, which opened on November 4, 2010 reaches a top speed of nearly 150 mph ( that is 241.4 kph in less than 4 (!!!) seconds, pinning riders to the seat with 1.7 Gs. Woooohoooo!!!

This roller coaster has been actually designed to stimulate the F1 driving experience. The coaster can accommodate 16 passengers at one time on four cars and can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in nearly 2 seconds. It can climb up to the height of 52 meters in this time frame. Now here is the best part – the course is around 2.07 km  and it features a series of sharp turns and sudden drops which would actually make you feel as if you are on the tracks in a Ferrari!

If you now think -as a result of seeing this video- that  this is not quite so fast or thrilling ( i was among those doubters), here’s  Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa riding it!!!

Must be good enjoying insanely high-speeds without driving. Bitches!

And for purposes of comparison, a look at NASCAR’s competing entry in the coaster series, the Intimidator 305

Not bad at all.

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