Being recently exposed to an about 16 hours period of seeing cars or pictures of cars or videos with cars or sites with cars (* eyes rolling* but *wink* after), the irony is so much bigger as today i only stumble upon..yeah, well…CARS.

So, if i’m gonna blab a bit about cars, i’ll do it high-fashion. Meaning Ferrari.

Meaning this giant Lego Ferrari model. Made using 80,000 Lego Bricks, the Giant Lego Ferrari is simply spectacular. Even the drivers are giant replicas of the Lego figurines.

If didn’t make any sense, i don’t care, it’s a LEGO Ferrari with 80,000 pieces. Wow. But the question remains: does it run? Ha, of course it does, it’s built out of freaking LEGO.

Speaking of Lego:

Now on to the next one !

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