You may have noticed him in  Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video. His name is Rick Genest but he is known as Zombie Boy for being tattooed like a corpse across the majority of his body.

How could anyone looking like a zombie be hotter than a real person you may ask. Well, take a look!

Not quite impressive!

Arrrrr!!! Iknow, right??? ❤

He left home at 17,but it was not until the age of 21 that he would first come to Montreal tattoo artist Frank Lewis, since then responsible for inking the majority the designs on his body.This has taken over three years, Genest spending thousands of dollars on the artwork, conceived by him to be “about the human body as a decomposing corpse – the art of a rotting  cadaver.”, and “also a tribute to horror movies”, a favourite genre of his.

Genest is eager to prove he’s more than just a handsome face covered by tattoos designed to make him look like a half-dissected corpse. For instance, he’s well-trained in the carnival arts and is a major force in Lucifer’s Blasphemous Mad Macabre Torture Carnival, a contemporary side show. “I do fire eating, lie on beds of nails, do geek stuff like eating brains and worms, and I can do the blockhead bit,” Genest said.


  1. Mirna Maritza Ortega says:

    Zombie Boy: Alienspeed…
    Manta City, Ecuador
    Planet Blue Earth

  2. So that’s what he used to look like. Those tattoos are intense.

  3. Júlia says:


  4. Jon Thompson says:

    That’s some serious ugly. How does anyone think that this beautifies the world or makes it a better place? Not a lot of critical thinking going on with that boy.

  5. ASOMA says:

    Awesome, i love the tattoos, i was wondering what he looked like without, he definitely looks better inked up!!! It’s artists like this guy that expand the definition of beauty in the world. THERE ISN’T JUST ONE KIND OF BEAUTIFUL, FOLKS!!!!!

  6. miranda says:

    He is going to regret that majorly!

  7. […] Rick Genest and all this because I found some new amazing pictures with him. For the previous ones click here and […]

  8. Qualcuno says:

    Io ADORO quest’uomo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Jessica says:

    This is so amazing-I find him very beautiful and attractive!

  10. Laura A Quiroga says:

    Y está bien, si él se quiere ver asi está bien, ahora tomarlo como modelo, ni soñarlo.


  11. Melanie says:

    Ich finde dich supergut!!! Viele Grüße aus Germany!!!!

  12. Christie says:

    rick genest has some serious sex appeal, more than skin deep, that i haven’t been able to pin point yet; i thought he was an aquarius but no, he’s a leo… so id have to put some more thought into this as im sure he’s got certain planets in his chart that amount to his off-beat, charismatic yet not, sex appeal… he’s hot both with and without his tattoos (i bet he could be wearing a potato sack and still be hot)… my only complaint is that with his tattoos, you can’t see his dimples 🙂 dimples kill me 😉

  13. mat says:

    Would it be clever to let the face clean and just paint it to perform? Speacially that mapache eyes and nose are terrible to live 24 hs a day with that..

  14. SwapMeat says:

    It’s what works for him and for that it’s really beautiful (in my mind).

  15. Rhine Stones says:

    I agree that he became HOTTER than he was before. MY GAD. I just can’t stop feeling warm whenever I see his pics looking at me with his sexy smirk, and the way we he make me feel like I want to devour him deliciously. YUMMM. =9

  16. Dorota Kuna says:

    Amı kodumun aptal pezevengi. Seni cehennemde zebaniler sikecek 🙂

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