They are plain useless. Nobody reads them. Having *insert big number here* subscribers means nothing because..again, nobody reads them. They were just filling my inbox so i moved them to spam. Now it bothers me to even see them in my spam folder. I get that the whole idea is to keep the interested persons updated with your latest entries. Yeah well…NO ONE IS INTERESTED in reading them. We have Facebook for learning useless things about people we know or don’t know. I don’t even like the RSS. It’s much better than the e-mail subscription but it still sucks. Bookmark is the best solution cuz I can check someone’s blog WHENEVER I WANT TO, NOT WHEN I’M BEING ‘INFORMED’!

Oh yeah, and what’s the deal with not being able to cancel someone’s subscription to your blog for instance? I looked around the dashboard thingies in here and I found nothing about that. I wanna delete my subscribers! How the fuck do i do that? Maybe I don’t want X to see a certain post!?! Can I do that? If so, how? I even googled it. It appears it cannot be done. WTF? Sharing is not caring, people!!!!

  1. becky says:

    tru tru, sharing is not caring =))))))) nu poti sa stergi subscriberi dar poti sa stergi dacu thinghiu’ pt subscribe! :))

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