🙂 Gotta love the girl for not wanting to go to rehab. Gotta love the girl for sniffing cocaine  live on stage. But back then she was also singing! Not so much nowadays. Here she is on June 18, 2011  in Belgrade, Serbia completely wasted, not able to sing a bit. =)) I find this sooo funny! Imagine 90 minutes of constant mumble! No wonder she was frequently booed by the crowd.  Haha!

This concert  was the first of her European tour. I say it was a success! =)) Oh, ironic me is so ironic! 🙂 ” The Grammy-award winning singer had been under strict instructions not to drink after recently finishing a course of alcohol rehabilitation in London. Hotel staff on her European tour are said to be under orders to remove alcohol from her room.” Riiiight! Strict orders, you say? =))

03:43 -PRICELESS!!!!!  🙂

Way to go, Amy! =))

valeriiiiieeee -fail!

  1. Whenever I think about Amy Winehouse only these words come to mind: I Said No No No :))

  2. Whenever someone says “It’s getting hot in here” I automatically think “So take off all your clothes”. 🙂

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