I dunno why… Is it just me or can a hat make one look so hot? :)) This one especially. The baggy beanie!

The following celebrities are not all my favorites but they have beanies on, so…

However, there is one man to rule them all… so, heeere’s johnny!

Here’s Johhny again!

And again!

Ashton Kutcher 2011

Adam Brody

David Beckham

The one and only Brad Pitt

Chace Crawford

Ed Westwick

Robert Pattinson– ugh!

Jude Law 

Collin Farrell

An unknown hottie

Another hottie with a cool shirt

  1. Jacely Beans says:

    you should my photos there. Kidding.

  2. laura lyn says:

    Colin Farrell is the best looking man on earth! I’m not a big celeb. groupie or anything. But him Tom Hanks and one other guy who’s name always escapes me. He’s married to Angelia Jolie. I can’t even spell their names. lol Every man and woman should look like that!What a beautiful world this would be right! And they are so talented. I love movies. Mel Gibson is a good one too. Mr. Hanks is my favorite, He looks just like my youngest brother! It’s unreal. My brother is the worlds best guitar player. You couldn’t tell them apart when they were younger. Any way.I have a BA in Visual Communications. Bored and just messin’ around! Love the pictures.

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