I did not know who Waldo was until it was brought to my attention by this one here. Well, hello 2011! I don’t know where I’ve been living for the past 24 years. But now that I learned about it, I just can’t stop searching for the little bastard!  

Having a one week only 5 to 9 job can be so boring so this keeps me quite entertained in these long hours. However, it fucking burns my eyes!

Where the fuck is he? And did anyone find him yet? And why is he hiding? And why is everybody looking for him? And if he was to be found, what shall the world do with him? And who is gonna answer all my questions?

I also don’t understand that world record thing also mentioned here. What were 3,657 people trying to prove? This has to be one of the most stupid world records ever! So many people dressed as someone WHO DOESN’T EXIST! I’d rather see all those people costumed as Garfield. At least they’d be pretty!

Dailymail.co.uk says “The crowds jumped and cheered as they tried to break the record and they refused to let the bad weather dampen their spirits when it started to rain.” Well, aren’t you a bunch of silly wallys! I just do not get this kind of things!!!

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