Apparently this is my all-day-Apple day!

Can you actually believe that Apple won’t go a year without releasing a brand new iPhone? Apple knows what’s at stake in regards to Android VS iOS. The rumors on the new model just keep on coming. First, it was said there won’t be any major changes in the design. Then it was rumored that it will be completely transparent and flexible.

Now, multiple sites claim to have confirmed that the iPhone 5 will not be a simple update of the last generation, but a substantial redesign, complete with a new tapered shape to the case.

The consensus is that Apple is going to announce the next-generation iPhone at the company’s annual September event, traditionally focused on iPods, it’s quite possible that Apple will break tradition.

PS : These photos are just mock-ups. No official photos or design tips have been released yet.

  1. ivyvanderley says:

    pe bune, mah????? nici nu ma gandesc sa-mi iau asa o duzina si sa le trantesc cu cea mai mare satisfactie =))

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