Uhuu, i’ve been dying for this to happen! Google will soon launch their first social network! =)) Competitive bastards!

Via washingtonpost:  “And then,today[June 28, 2011] , Google announced +. The site bears a striking resemblance to Facebook, with streaming feeds and specialized groups of friends. In fact, Google + gathers many of the features of existing social networks.” “The network has five basic components: Circles, Sparks, Hangouts, Instant Uploads and Huddle. It also requires a Google profile, meaning you’ll need to provide Google, at minimum, with a name and a photo.”

Here’s how it will look! ( I don’t understand why they didn’t change the blue color. I mean, i don’t see it as such a beautiful shade and especially that the reason for which Facebook is blue is that  Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color-blind and blue is the richest colour for him. So that’s personal, almost like a trend mark. WTF, Google? No eye for color?)

WARNING! These videos are made in such a way that they seem sooo epic and life altering :))

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