Materials manufacturer Corning put together a futurist video called “A Day Made Of Glass,” which has spiraled into stratospheric popularity on YouTube. The premise of the video is that we’re about to live in an era of ubiquitous touchscreens (made with glass) and smart windows (made of glass) as well as appliances like stoves which are also made with glass.

What’s striking about the video is mostly how we see the touch screens working, and the way the mobile devices seamlessly network with household appliances, TVs, and bendable flat screen computers.

Funny related comments on YouTube: 

But who is gonna clean the fingerprints off all of that glass?!

now if they were figer print resistant then i wouldn’t mind 😀

soooo… in the future every surface will be made of iphones??? no thanks.

in 2020, you brush your teeth with your iPhone

A world made of Glass… The best prank you can throw onto your neighbour is a stone.

At this point I’ll be living in a wooden shack with no electricity, drinking moonshine and listening to ’78’s on a wind-up victrola. If captured by the authorities, I’ll be sent to a reprogramming “facility” where I’ll learn to appreciate the advantages of modern technology. If I prove resistant, I’ll be processed into soylent green mcnuggets.

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