Yeah, so I’m a girl and I didn’t know who this guy was…whatever..But now.. <3!! I haven’t seen anyone smile so much and so pretty in a while now. And all of this coming from a German guy. He’s also soooo funny and moreover he’s the current F1 World Champion for crying out loud and the youngest F1 Race Winner for that matter. Yeah, yeah…with that goofy face i bet he drives like there’s no tomorrow!!!! Arrrr! 🙂

So here’s the clip that got me hooked. Sebastian Vettel on Top Gear’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car!! 

Vettel also holds the fastest Top Gear circuit lap-time for a Formula One driver with a lap of 1:44.0, beating previous holder Rubesn Barrichello  and the old Stig, Ben Collins.

  1. exactly :))) if a women watches Top Gear at the end she will only remember that guy that smiled nice :))

  2. ivyvanderley says:

    si barbatii sunt la fel de superficiali :)) hai sa fim seriosi.. v ati uita la un videclip de cacat al unei piese jalnice si la sf ati spune ” tare piesa” pentru simplu fapt ca a fost o fufa pe tocuri pe acolo bataindu si pliurile ….

  3. come on, its fair enough, its gorgeous!!!

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