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Suck on this! :)) A gallery of princesses from fairy tales living in the real world. Photos taken by  photographer Dina Goldstein.

A series of comparisons between the classic pinup girls and photos that have served as models for achieving them.


The Vogue Princesses

Dante Tyler‘s mock-up Vogue covers featuring Disney Princesses as glamazonian models is at first funny, then a bit unsettling. With Pocahontas as a fierce Beyonce look-alike and Belle staring smoky-eyed from behind her top five novel recommendations, you have to wonder how far removed the marketing plans for Vogue and Disney really are from one another.


New Condoms is devoted to repurposing well-known brand slogans into the context of condoms just for your pleasure. The results are somewhat hilarious…

Banksy is a well-known English graffiti artist, possibly named Robert Banks. His artworks are often satirical pieces of art which encompass topics from politics, culture, and ethics. His street art, which combines graffiti with a distinctive stenciling technique, has appeared in London and in cities around the world.

Possibly born in Bristol in 1974, Banksy began as a freehand artist before switching to stenciling around the year 2000; his anti-war, anti-establishment and pro-freedom graffiti images began springing up on city walls in the late 1990′s. Although he has given numerous interviews and even published several books, Banksy’s true identity remains unknown.

I could bet all my money that you haven’t seen so many (and by many I mean 80) cupcakes pictures in the same place! And not just any cupcakes… amazing cupcakes! From funny iPhone looking cupcakes to burger cupcakes to tomato looking cupcakes to haute couture cupcakes !!

Enjoy and good luck with that sweet tooth! 🙂

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This is basically my third post about Rick Genest and all this because I found some new amazing pictures with him. For the previous ones click here and here.

Materials manufacturer Corning put together a futurist video called “A Day Made Of Glass,” which has spiraled into stratospheric popularity on YouTube. The premise of the video is that we’re about to live in an era of ubiquitous touchscreens (made with glass) and smart windows (made of glass) as well as appliances like stoves which are also made with glass.

What’s striking about the video is mostly how we see the touch screens working, and the way the mobile devices seamlessly network with household appliances, TVs, and bendable flat screen computers.

Funny related comments on YouTube: 

But who is gonna clean the fingerprints off all of that glass?!

now if they were figer print resistant then i wouldn’t mind 😀

soooo… in the future every surface will be made of iphones??? no thanks.

in 2020, you brush your teeth with your iPhone

A world made of Glass… The best prank you can throw onto your neighbour is a stone.

At this point I’ll be living in a wooden shack with no electricity, drinking moonshine and listening to ’78’s on a wind-up victrola. If captured by the authorities, I’ll be sent to a reprogramming “facility” where I’ll learn to appreciate the advantages of modern technology. If I prove resistant, I’ll be processed into soylent green mcnuggets.

I dunno why… Is it just me or can a hat make one look so hot? :)) This one especially. The baggy beanie!

The following celebrities are not all my favorites but they have beanies on, so…

However, there is one man to rule them all… so, heeere’s johnny!

Here’s Johhny again!

And again!